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$20 Malbec vs. $135 Malbec – SommVivant’s Weekly Wine Picks
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$20 Malbec vs. $135 Malbec – SommVivant’s Weekly Wine Picks
December 26, 2020
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PRESS Restaurant Sommelier Amanda McCrossin gives her weekly wine picks under $20 from WINE.COM – Is this $135 Malbec really better than this $20 Malbec?? —————————————-
this week’s wines
AMALAYA MALBEC 2015: http://bit.ly/2oH2kgm
CATENA MALBEC 2014: http://bit.ly/2q0JogC
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Malbec may be the world’s most MISUNDERSTOOD grape – and I’m on a mission to set the record straight. For too long we have thought of Malbec as a one-dimensional spicy alternative to Cabernet, incapable of elegance and restraint. In this weeks episode I’m exploring the various iterations of Malbec from Argentina, from big and bombastic to nuanced and subtle. Catena Zapata has been one of the leading producers of the grape since the early 1900’s and has lead the charge for the research and development of the vineyards in Argentina. The American consumer is likely to have seen their entry level wine “Catena” on the shelves of their shop, but the higher tier wines in the portfolio are really where they flourish. The tasting today pits the two against each other, and offers a third inexpensive highly rated one that will be perfect to buy by the case for your next party. **small editing note, I put RHOC instead of RHBH!!!! MY APOLOGIES!!!!**

Each week I’m bringing you 2 great wines that not only have great value, but are actually delicious. Whether you are looking for that perfect Tuesday night wine or just want to know what the sommelier’s are drinking on their night’s off (God forbid we’re fresh out of Burgundy) – the Weekly Wine Picks series has you covered.


Amanda McCrossin
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December 26, 2020
Popular Red Wines! Louis M. Martini, Montes Alpha, Errazuriz Max, Ghost Pines
December 26, 2020

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